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Wednesday, 15 May 2019

Your payment requests remain unnoticed? We've got you covered.

If you are a B2B company or a freelancer, your payments are often tied to requests and notices – depending on the contract you signed with the client. After completing a project, you have to send a request to your client for your payment to be sent to you.


In some cases, both parties may initially agree that payments will be made in milestones, or as a lump sum, depending on the agreement. In this case, you must also send a payment request after every milestone, for your payment to be sent across to you. And sometimes, they may behave as if they didn’t notice the request. And who loses? You!


But what happens if your client becomes unresponsive, and is attempting to play games with your payment? Usually, people just continue sending duplicate requests, since they are at the mercy of the unresponsive client. And when the unresponsive client is sued, they can deny receiving the payment request, since you have no proof that the request was either received or not. But is there any way to know and prove that your client received the emails?


Fortunately, Lyme has you covered. We can help you send a legally-binding email, which is an alternative to a registered mail. We explain.


When you send your requests using Lyme, your messages are logged. Upon reception of the message by your client, a first log is created, ensuring that you have sent the request. He/she is informed by email that they have received a registered message on Lyme – without being able to see its content. They are then prompted to either accept or decline the message. The option selected is recorded in the final log (with the date and time) and sent to you and the receiver. This is to avoid any doubt that the message was sent/received.


Additionally, each log has an attached timestamp (provided by an external entity) to ensure that the file has not changed since it was created.


So, if you are to appear in court, this can be a legal proof that you sent a payment request or notice to the client. And this can help you win this lawsuit.



Simple and practical to use, Lyme exists to help you! 



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