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Friday, 5 July 2019

You still don′t know Lyme? We introduce ourselves...

What is Lyme - Log your message?

Lyme is the digital alternative to postal registered mail.
With Lyme registration, you get the same legal validity as with registered postal mail with acknowledgment of receipt.

The big difference is that with our service, you don't have to leave the front of your computer to take your letter to the post office, or to print, put in an envelope and buy a stamp. With Lyme, it records sending a message with the facility of sending an email. Anywhere, anytime.
And addition, which alone provides you with a substantial reduction in the indirect costs of the shipping process, the cost of Lyme service is incredibly cheaper than the traditional registration. Up to 90% cheaper.

But how Lyme works - Log your message?

Register FREE with your personal or business email.
Write a message (email) and send it as if it were a normal e-mail.
Nothing else has to be done.
From the moment you write and send a message through Lyme, your message will begin to be recorded.
Your recipient will be notified by email of a new message to open in Lyme.

When the recipient visits Lyme, following the link that received in their e-mail, you have 3 options: Accept, Reject or Ignore (taking no action) the registered message.

At this moment, is created a log file, certified by a time stamp, which contains all the actions carried out on the message from its creation to the final moment also including the body of the text that composes it.
Then either the sender or the recipient will receive a new notification containing the log file.
If the message is ignored by the recipient, the sender will be notified and may choose to notify you again or consider the message rejected.
The entire Lyme system digitally replicates the operation known to all, postal registered mail, with the specific aim of providing the user with an enormous facility of understanding its operation, by analogy to the system already known.


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