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Thursday, 7 March 2019

Why Lawyers Should Use Lyme?

Practicing law can be hectic. While it is one of the most envied profession, it requires a lot of paperwork. Anything that has to do with the law has been known to go through a lot of documentation, for future reference and for legal proof. This is one reason why lawyers send registered mails. If you are a lawyer and you wish there were registered emails, your wishes have come true.


Apart from the fact that registered mail is quite slow, there is always an issue with recipients who do not want proceedings to go on.  This also prevents lawyers from effectively using the power of emails, to quickly disseminate information and serve papers, because they may not be able to prove that the mail was received.


This is where Lyme - Log your message comes in to help. Lyme is the digital version of sending physical registered mails. They are logged for proof to show that the messages were sent, and not just that it was sent, but also that the message was received.


This has become a big advantage for lawyers since they no longer have to deal with clients or defendants who keep claiming they were not served papers.


There are several reasons why lawyers should use Lyme, including, but not limited to:


Speed of delivery: is way faster than the physical registered mails. When mail is sent, they rely on a postmaster to deliver, which may take from a few hours to days, or in extreme conditions, up to a week. But with Lyme, messages are delivered almost in real time, as would your regular mail, and there is a log which records the message was sent, delivered, and received by the receiver.


Saves money: using Lyme is also cheaper than using registered mail. If you send thousands of registered letters monthly, Lyme will easily save you thousands of dollars.


Acknowledgment of receiving: when lawyers are to send mail, they must make sure it reaches the recipient, which is not easy to be proven. But with the help of Lyme, recipients have no excuse. Once a message is sent and received, both parties acknowledge it and the proceedings continue.



Lyme it's an interesting worktool, isn'it?


Enjoy all our features and Logyourmessage.