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Wednesday, 24 January 2018

What are the biggest waste of time in a company?

Time is money so if you're managing your work, time should be considered a priority, not only to ensure the success of your business but also to ensure that you can get a life beyond work.

Here are some factors that regularly make you lose time in the professional scope and that you should, at all costs, avoid.

Instant messages

Instant messaging can be a very useful tool in the office, but it's informal character makes it easily the worst enemy of productivity. After all, how many times did a quick discussion of a professional theme fall into a marathon of hours on topics that had nothing to do with the original scope?

Email Dependency

We all become dependent on e-mail as an easy way of communicating - it's convenient, it's fast and sometimes it eliminates the factor of an introverted element of the equation. However, too much time is wasted on endless email exchanges that would be resolved with two or three minutes of conversation.

Response Timeout

When we send important documentation and with acknowledgment of receipt, a lot of time is lost - logistics to the nearest post office, waiting for your turn and in addition wasted time until the documentation is actually delivered to the recipient. With Lyme you can send your registered messages and documentation through our platform and get the record of when the messages were delivered to its recipient in a short time.

Inconvenient Meetings

We have all, at some point in our lives, stopped at a meeting whose theme we never quite grasped, more like a "meeting about another meeting." Collaborators come together and the only thing you do is align a series of points ... that will be discussed at another meeting.

Intervals to decompress

Don't get us wrong - breaks are essential for productivity. However, what are those 30-minute intervals between two meetings? It's too much time that gets wasted and that takes you out of the mindset of the meeting when only 5 or 10 minutes would be enough to relax.

Interruption responses

You are in the middle of a task and receive an urgent email. Reply, just to receive a call about that same email minutes later. Turn it off and notice you have a new email ... and the cycle continues. When you come to its senses, it's time to close the day and barely started your duties.

Poor multitasking

Making multitasking is something that is not within everybody's reach, but that everyone likes to say they know how to do. Sometimes working on five things at the same time only influences the quality of work and only slows it down further.

Messy workspace

Disruption is a waste of time. Make an effort and organize yourself, you will see that in a few weeks you will notice the positive results.

Personal Communications

In the past it was difficult for people to interfere with everyday work, but today, with instant messaging and facebook just around the corner, the task becomes more complicated. Be consistent and let personal matters be resolved after office hours.