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Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Web Summit is coming and Lyme will be present!

Lyme - Log your Message was selected for the Web Summit 2017 Alpha program, one of the largest and most important events in the world of technology, entrepreneurship and innovation. This global reference conference will take place between 6 and 9 November 2017 in Lisbon.
The Web Summit Alpha program is only intended for early stage startups, which are selected by the organization through applications received.

In this event, we will present Lyme, a digital platform that was born in the beginning of the year 2016. The founders are António Machado and Sérgio Machado and, in addition to them, are already involved in this project another 5 people.

Lyme is the first and only digital platform alternative to registered postal mail. With a registration from Lyme, you will obtain the same legal validity that you get with registered postal mail with acknowledgment of receipt.

The big difference is that with Lyme, you don't have to leave the front of your computer to take your letter to the post office, or to print it, put it in an envelope and buy a stamp. With Lyme, you register the sending of a message with the ease of sending an email. Anytime, anywhere.
Lyme is encrypted so that users can rest assure about the protection of their data.

And in addition, you will achieve a substantial reduction in the indirect costs of the shipping process as the cost of Lyme service is incredibly cheaper than the traditional one. Up to 90% cheaper.

The next steps, now that we are nearing the end of the first phase of development, is indeed mass dissemination. Web Summit will be a very important asset and will be a unique opportunity to explore partnerships and develop networking.

Lyme will be there and watch the biggest trends in technology, entrepreneurship and innovation.

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The Lyme Team