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Tuesday, 13 August 2019

The 6 tools to help you with your new business...

When developing a new business, it's necessary to invest in various activities that can improve the company's performance. As there are still no significant profits, Lyme offers you a list of free tools that will surely help you to boost your business:

1 - Hootsuite

This site allows you to manage your social networks, since all of them are arranged on the same page. Thus, you can control publishing times as well as the amount of posts published every day.

2 - Canva

This tool focuses on the creation of parts that use design. It allows you to create headers, posts or any material that needs creativity in order to leverage your brand.

3 - Seo Site Check Up

Getting more views of your brand on the internet can be a process built through the use of SEO techniques - Search Engine Optimization. The idea is to start creating texts and tags that will make it one of the first searches in the Internet search engines.

4 - Similar Web

One of the strategies to grow is to identify what the competition is doing to realize the good points that you can take advantage of. Similar Web allows you to view statistics and behaviors of users accessing competing sites.

5 - Lyme

This platform allows you to send messages and registered documentation. After sending your registered message to the recipient, you will receive a pdf document of the entire course of the message. You will get a complete record of the date and time the recipient received, refused or ignored your registered message.

6 - Piktochart

Infographics are visual elements that usually attract more people to access certain content. So, use this site to create some free content, and you can take advantage of various layouts and forms of creation. You can create author content that best represents your business.