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Thursday, 25 October 2018

Lyme – Log your message, the new registered mail

Lyme – Log your message (logyourmessage.com) is a platform that grants legal validity to the sending of electronic messages, which started being developed in early 2016 by a StartUp from Braga.

This service transforms a regular email into a formal notification with legal validity that can be used in any judicial circumstances. The whole process is identical to sending a registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt, but in a much easier and incredibly cheaper way.

“Lyme is in fact the only service in the whole world that can truly grant legal character to electronic notifications, because, besides following the traditional protocol of the “physical” registered mail, it operates totally in accordance with the eIDAS regulation from the European Parliament. This validation, combined with its simplicity of use, either directly on the platform, or through the remote system that Lyme provides, has been winning over large public and private institutions”, clarifies António Machado, CEO and founder of Lyme.

Lyme invested on the easy solutions that the digital era has to offer by taking on the role of the traditional registered mail in the electronic world. Therefore, anyone that needs to send an important message can use this service.

However, the focus of Lyme – Log your message is on the big companies and government organisations, since they send out massive amounts of correspondence every day. This is why this platform already has some noteworthy public and private entities using the service on a daily basis.

António Machado says “It is easy to understand that, for an institution that sends millions of registered notifications annually, like a bank, for instance, the possibility of eliminating from their processes printing, paper, envelopes, going to the post office, awaiting, filling and archiving receipts, is incredibly appealing. That’s why we’ve been having an excellent acceptance from that kind of institutions.”

In order to promote this unique and innovative service, Lyme has been participating in several national and international conferences, where it has gathered important connections for the growth of the platform.

This year, from 5 to 8 November, Lyme – Log your message will be integrating the Beta program at Web Summit, thus taking on the role of a more mature company searching greater visibility.

Last year, the company made its first public appearance in Portugal at this event, which worked as an important launching pad for business development. Since then, the platform has grown, changes were made in order to make the site more intuitive and, among other features, the Spanish language was added, one of the international markets in Lyme’s short-term agenda.

“In fact, attending international events, namely the Web Summit, has been validating our preferential target customers as companies or institutions from the Fintech sector”, concludes the CEO of Lyme.

For Lyme, taking part for the second consecutive year in “the biggest tech conference in the world” will be extremely important for developing even more partnerships, and to present its services to the business world.

It is also important to say that Lyme is totally free for personal, low volume use, and that it is possible to make a very simple test of the service at logyourmessage.com/demo.

The Lyme Team