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Thursday, 29 November 2018

Lyme – Log your message, the new digital platform for the Fintech sector

On December 5 and 6, 2018, Lyme - Log your message will be attending Fintech Connect, which takes place in the Excel London. This event is UK's largest conference in the Fintech area and has around 5000 participants, 175 exhibitors and more than 60 countries represented.


Lyme started being developed in early 2016 by a Portuguese StartUp. Since then, large companies and Government Organizations have been its target audience. The Fintech sector is, among every other, the one the that fits best, precisely because its operators are all large companies, often with millions of customers.


António Machado, CEO and founder of Lyme, explains: "It's the colossal number of customers of the companies that belong in the Fintech sector that makes it Lyme’s target market. Easily, a company operating in this sector, sends out several millions of formal and legal notifications annually. Notifications that cost a lot of money. Sending the same number of notifications through Lyme, in addition to the faster delivery and acceptance of these, can generate savings in these companies of several tens of millions of euros."


The Lyme - Log your message platform is the digital alternative to the registered mail with acknowledgment. However, it is much simpler and up to 95% more economical. This service allows you to send important notifications without leaving the office and in an immediate way, being ideal for companies that need to send thousands of notifications per day, such as: banking institutions, insurance companies, credit recovery companies and government entities.


"The use of Lyme by these companies, in addition to reducing the direct costs associated with postal registries, also allows a huge reduction of all expenses related to human resources, paper, filing, travel and all other indirect costs of these processes, besides the greater speed of delivery of any notification", clarifies António Machado.


Lyme complies with the European Parliament's eIDAS regulation and also follows the traditional protocol of the registered postal mail. For this reason, all notifications sent through this service are valid for legal purposes. When registering notifications through Lyme, the sender and recipient will have access to a PDF document that describes the entire course of the message whether it is accepted, rejected, or ignored. This document serves as legal proof for legal disputes. In addition, the PDF is accompanied by another document with a time stamp, attesting the immutability of the log file.


Lyme - Log your message has been participating in several conferences related to the Technological and Fintech sectors, in order to promote its platform and attract future business partners. Since its first public appearance in 2016, Lyme has already been at Unbound London, MoneyConf and Web Summit, as it considers these events ideal to network and meet new ideas.


Lyme is available to companies with plans that fit their type of use. However, this service can also be used on a personal basis for sporadic sendings. In these situations, Lyme’s platform is completely free. It is possible test this service at logyourmessage.com/demo.



The Lyme Team