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Thursday, 1 August 2019

How to Terminate an Employment Contract With Minimum Awkwardness?

While nobody loves to fire their employees, it is sometimes unavoidable. Unlike what many believe, many employers worry about hurting their staff feelings, even when some of them are unproductive. Others may worry about the violent reaction from the staff when the news reaches them. It doesn’t matter the circumstance or situation, there are legal procedures and guides to follow when the boss is about to fire their employees.


Firing must be done according to the law and must also not be on the grounds of discrimination. Once every legal concern has been satisfied, you have to serve them the papers. That’s something that you may want to do in person, but if you don’t, using physical registered mail is an option. However, that system isn’t as effective as it used to be.


Once a worker knows they are about to be laid off, they can become stubborn to avoid receiving the papers, thereby prolonging matters and prolonging the period in which he is on the payroll. You can curb this by using Lyme - Log your message, our software that sends registered legally-binding emails, similar to the registered physical mails.


Whenever you send a message through Lyme, the recipient gets an email notification directing him/her to our website to accept or reject your message. Whether he/she does one or the other, a proof that the message was sent and accepted or reject by the recipient is created (in the form of a pdf log file). This log serves as proof of mailing. Now you can say that you’ve done everything by the law while avoiding the awkward moment of firing someone from your company.


By using Lyme, you eliminate the awkwardness of terminating contracts. Send registered e-mails and get to know when your message is delivered and if it's accepted or not. It's also quick, easy and cheap to use, far cheaper than registered mails and they are sent almost in real time, while the recipient receives it immediately too.


What does this solution seem to you? Would you adopt this method for your business?

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