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Friday, 25 October 2019

How to let the other signer of the contract know they are not compliant?

If you are in a situation that the other signer is not compliant, you need to let the other know about it. You can’t let them be non-compliant for a long time before reacting, because it is going to influence your business.


You have to send them a notice, and in most cases, it has to be a written notice. You have to write it down, print it out, put it in an envelope and send it by registered mail in order to get a confirmation that they have received the notice.


However, many people can find a way to avoid the mailman and not receive it. When that happens, registered mail won't help, but Lyme will.


Lyme - Log Your Message is a tool used for sending registered messages, using your e-mail address, instead of your location address. Once a message is sent, the recipient receives a notification, via e-mail, informing him of the message and prompting them to accept (to read it) or to reject it at logyourmessage.com


Whatever the choice of the recipient, you’re covered, since every activity is logged or registered in a file. You’ll have a proof that your notice has been delivered. If you have to look for justice in court at some point, the log file, will make the difference between a winning and a losing case.


We have 15 free registered messages for you! Try it and see how it works!