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Thursday, 3 May 2018

How to Give an Eviction Notice to Tenant by Legally-Binding Email?

Landlords who want to evict tenants from their property usually have more than one way to serve them the notice, but none of them is as convenient as the one Lyme offers. Now you can do it by email through Lyme which, unlike other emails, offers a log with a time stamp and all the other information relevant to the delivering. Lyme makes it easy to prove that the message has been sent, received, rejected, or even actively ignored.

In most jurisdictions throughout the world, landlords who want to see tenants out of the property due to some reason, have to hand them an eviction notice first. Once it happens, tenants have certain amount of time to move out of the property. However, if the eviction notice is not served in accordance with the law, it is considered as it has never been served. Then, the landlord has to begin with the procedure all over again.

Sometimes tenants refuse to receive the eviction notice, and that might make things hard for landlords, because they will have to eventually prove that the notice has been served. However, if you, as a landlord, use Lyme to send an eviction email to your tenants, you may be just one email away from serving it.

Lyme was made to be a replacement for traditional registered post service. So, if the law allows you to serve the eviction notice by post, now you can do it by email. When you send a registered message by Lyme, the recipient will be notified that there is a new message. He will receive a link with two options: to accept the message, or to reject it. Whatever action he or she takes afterwards, you’ll get a log with the information about the action taken.

In the case of eviction notice, it would mean that it has been delivered. In most jurisdictions, that would mean it has been served successfully and in accordance with the law.