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Monday, 16 April 2018

How to cancel a contract without leaving home?

It seems lie but with Lyme it is possible to cancel a contract without leaving the comfort of your home.

When you send a message or e-mail through Lyme, the reception of the message to the recipient is recorded as in registered mail, with acknowledgment of receipt.

The goal of our platform is to enable a registry of a formal delivery of a traditional e-mail, thus replacing the need to use registered postal service, including in situations where legal formality is needed.

In a nutshell, Lyme is presented as the digital replacement of the registered postal service, also offering a wide range of value added advantages that the tradicional system cannot. Among them we can point out being very easy to use, registering the content of the message simultaneously with its transmission, the possibility to send and deliver messages anytime, anywhere in the world, and its reduced costs (free for sporadic use, and up to 90% savings compared to regular registered post for intensive use).

Its functioning model does not need the recipient to be registered and allows the users to send their messages using any of their regular e-mails.

Once a Lyme registered message is sent, the addressee will receive a notification e-mail, through which he is informed that someone would like him to receive a registered e-mail. The addressee, using the link and the pin number in that notification e-mail, will have access to the actions panel. There he will be able to accept the registered message that is being transmitted. Lyme will instantly show the message that had been locked so far, and will send a complete log with all its milestones to both sender and recipient.

time stamp, issued by a third party, is placed on that log, so that the authenticity of the of the log presented by Lyme can always be verified.