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Tuesday, 16 April 2019

How to cancel a contract with an unresponsive contractor?

When you are dealing with a contractor who is not responsive, it could be a pain in the neck. It may be time to move to another one, but you may have to cancel your contract with the unresponsive contractor first. But how?


To cancel the contract, you must first inform the unresponsive contractor in the written form of your intention to cancel the contract. You have two methods available for doing so: by sending a physical registered mail or by sending a digital registered mail. Both are legally valid.


When messages are sent by registered mail, it arrives the destination within a few hours to several days. It may take up to a week in some cases, depending on the location of the recipient.


Unlike with registered mail, by sending registered emails thorough Lyme, the message is received by the recipient immediately. Moreover, it is a logged message and the log provides a proof that it was sent and received. The recipient will be notified that the message has been received. They’ll have the option to accept it or reject it. Whatever they opt to, you’ll get notified that they have received it. From that moment, the delivery is deemed successful. If you wanted to cancel a contract this way, you’ve just succeeded.


By sending registered mails, you are at the mercy of the quality of the mail service. You never know whether it is going to arrive in a few hours or a few days. However, emails sent with Lyme always arrive in a matter of seconds. You can’t beat that speed with traditional means.


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