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Friday, 21 June 2019

How Lyme can help insurance companies streamline their work?

If you work in an insurance company, you must be buried in lots of paperwork. Almost everything insurance companies do involves one party proposing a contract or the other party accepting some terms, as well as a huge number of payment requests to their numerous clients every day. As a result, they sent tons of emails and mails to their clients. When something has to be sent by physical mail, it’s better to be done via registered mail because it ensures that the other party has received the letter.


But printing out documents, putting them into a letter, adressing and sending them out is a mundane task that takes lots of labor and time. If you could use the email to send all the documents and if you knew that this method has the same legal validity of registered mail, certainly you would use it! And the processes in your company would have been streamlined better. Well, you can count on Lyme for that.


Lyme - Log your message provides an electronic alternative for registered mail. We will let you send registered emails in no time, with no paperwork, and the email will be equally binding as a registered mail.


When messages are sent using by Lyme, our system prompts the receiver to either accept or reject the message, which is a sign of acknowledging the incoming mail. Sure, your clients can keep ignoring the email, but now you’ll have a proof that it has been received.


If you want to work as if we are in a digital era, you definitely have to begin removing all the papers and opt for electronic means of communications. It is more efficient, it is cheaper, and it is faster.


Lyme is a tool that will streamline your mail sending process and allow your employees focus on more important stuff that needs to be done.


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