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Thursday, 5 April 2018

How does physical activity help productivity?

Today is the day of the World Day of Physical Activity. This day aims to promote the practice of physical activity among the population, as well as show the benefits of physical exercise.

It has been proven that the practice of regular physical exercise improves productivity and these are the six reasons:

1. Exercise keeps the concentration

Says a study from the University of Bristol that people who exercise have a better performance at work. According to the research, those who practice physical exercise are more organized, managing better the time and the own reasoning.

2. Exercise improves energy

Good disposition and energy are two of the best consequences of physical exercise, says an investigation conducted by the University of Georgia, which found that the most active people (and those who practice exercises or more intense modalities) are the ones with the best levels of exercise. energy.

3. Exercise improves brain activity

There is a strong relationship between physical fitness, cognitive function and reduction of stress levels at work, being that physical activity is responsible for the best brain activity and the reduction of stress and anxiety levels during the execution of tasks.

4. Exercise improves creativity

No need to run or lift weights to get ideas, a simple outdoor walk (preferably near green spaces) helps to raise levels of creativity, says a study published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology, as The Next Web

5. Exercise improves the balance between personal and work life

Need something that separates your life from work? Exercise is the answer. An investigation published in the Havard Business Review indicates that people who maintain a regular practice of physical activity find it less difficult to separate personal life from work, not taking work issues home and vice versa.

6. Exercise helps to be in uncomfortable environments

With a busy life (often torn between marriage, children and work) physical activity is seen as a luxury and can even make people uncomfortable. However, the publication says, maintaining this routine helps to accept other uncomfortable environments and get out of the comfort zone.

By: Notícias ao Minuto