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Wednesday, 17 January 2018

How does a Lyme company account works?

Lyme, in addition to offering a service of sending registered messages to individuals, also allows you to create an account for your company.

This tool will bring you a lot of advantages. The costs of sending registered messages in Lyme are quite reduced compared to sending registered mail with notice of physical reception. It also saves resources in logistics and saves you less time to deliver content and get answers.

A company account allows you to share your LymeStamps with company employees who are added to your account. You can manage subscriptions, monthly usage limits for LymeStamps, and track all logs of messages.

In addition, all messages will be identified with the signature and logo of the company, to provide you with a more professional service. You will also be able to hide the email address of the message sender to avoid unwanted message constraints and streams.

All the LymeStamps you buy are shared between you and your employees and you can manage the monthly limits for each of them and give them extra LymeStamps if they eventually need or reach their monthly limit.

To create your company account you only need to register on our website and with this you will enjoy 15 free LymeStamps, which are identical to physical postage stamps. For every message you send through Lyme, you spend a LymeStamp.

Create your company account now and see how easy it's to use our service!

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