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Monday, 4 December 2017

How can I be sure that my email arrives at the recipient?

There is no doubt that email is the main source of communication most used among people, it allows us to communicate for a variety of reasons, be they commercial, financial, bureaucratic or personal issues. Proof of this are the 144.8 billion emails transacted worldwide every day.

However, we send out our emails and don't always get the answers we want and we feel helpless because we never know the reason for that. A lot of questions have been raised: "Did you receive the email? Or read it and ignored it? You could have accidentally deleted the email, or it was spammed ..."

All these doubts will be part of the past! All because Lyme offers you a service that allows you to take notice of all the route that your registered message travels until you reach the recipient and also allows you to record the actions taken by the recipient about your message.

When you send a message registered through our platform - using your electronic address - the recipient receives in his email a notification informing him that he has received a registered message sent by you, without ever showing its content. There he will have the option to accept or reject message.

From the moment that the recipient chooses one of these options, a file with the date and time record of his choice is created. This file is then forwarded to the sender and the recipient so that there is no doubt about the actions taken. This file serves as proof of reading or refusal on the part of the recipient.

If the recipient doesn't take any action you will be informed that he has ignored your message and may notify his again or consider the message rejected.

As you can see, it's easy and simple to make sure your emails reach their destination and still get proof if they've been accepted or declined.

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