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Thursday, 16 November 2017

But in the end, why should I register on Lyme?

Probably, as most people, at least at a professional level, you have already had situations where the delivery of e-mails was called into question.

There are several reasons why those questions can be raised. Among them, the following ones:
Sometimes, because it’s true. We think we have sent the e-mail and we didn't;
Other times, because there was in fact an sending error (incorrectly written e-mail address, problems in the e-mail server or something similar);
Or because receiving the message wasn't in the interest of the recipient and, after reading its content, he/she intentionally choose to skip or state its non-reception.

A problem may not be effectively created by these questions. If the content of the message was not important and if there is nothing in the message that can cause (in that moment or later) a problem between the sender and the recipient, resending the message can solve the problem.

But (and in these kinds of situations this may not be so easy), if the recipient (or even the sender), probably with bad intentions, provides wrong or fake information about the reception or even the sending of those messages, you can have many problems, at several levels.

All this can happen because the traditional e-mail system, and even safe e-mail systems, aren't able to provide tracking of what happens to each message and, worse still, they cannot guarantee and (most of all) prove its delivery or the refusal by the human user.

That impossibility creates many difficulties for an e-mail to, when needed, be used as a mean of proof, and that is also the reason why people choose to send things through registered mail rather than digital e-mail.

Therefore, a question is raised: Does this situation make sense in the digital reality we live in?

Since the obvious answer to this question is "no", we would like to explain to you how, from now on, you can send e-mails, and make them as reliable (or even more) as postal mail, also having as advantages other characteristics that are impossible to prove through the postal mail system, such as the message content itself.

The explanation is simple: by using the Lyme platform service (available at logyourmessage.com), this issue is completely solved.

Lyme has precisely as its main function recording the sending of registered mail.

In other words, when you send an e-mail through this platform, you will get a proof of sending, a permanent record of all the actions and processes by which the message went through and proof of acceptance or the refusal by the recipient of the message sent, prior to the reception of its content.

A time stamp will be added to the record produced by Lyme, validating and authenticating the immutability of that record. 

After signing up (very easily) to the platform, sending a registered message from Lyme is as simple as sending a normal e-mail.

In fact, after signing up, you can send your registered messages from your usual e-mail program, without having to access Lyme for sending e-mails (check how to proceed regarding this matter and others at: https://logyourmessage.com/support)

Sign up at logyourmessage.com/register and try for yourself how Lyme can make the processing of all your formal mail easier and, in addition, save you a great among of money in postage costs.

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