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Say Goodbye
To Registered Postal Mail

Legally bind your emails
Certify delivery & opening
Get legal proof of mailing
 Active message tracking
 Save up to 96% on mailing
 Available to you 24/7


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Frequently asked questions
A little bit more information about our service.
What are LymeStamps?
LymeStamps are almost like regular post office stamps. For every message you send on Lyme, you spend one LymeStamp.
How it works?
1. Send your email message through our web app or your favorite email app.
2. The recipient gets notified by an email with a link.
3. The recipient follows the link, goes online, accepts the message and reads it on our website.
4. The proof of mailing is created in the form of a PDF log file and, both you and the recipient, get a copy.
How is this different from a regular email?
When we handle your email messages, they get legal validity because the message is only delivered if accepted by the recipient. In this same way, you also get concrete proof of mailing whether your messages are received or not.
How do we satisfy regulatory requirements?
Lyme is an entity that provides its services according to the The Electronic Identification and Trust Services (eIDAS) Regulation (Regulation (EU) No 910/2014) and, as such, Lyme cannot be refused in any legal circumstance. Furthermore, Lyme complies with the simple known universal protocol that states the moment the recipient signs, or in this case, clicks "accept", a voluntary act of his part, the message reception is formally validated, meaning the recipient has acknowledged and agreed to the delivery and reception of its contents.
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