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Business Account

These are some of the features of Lyme's Business Accounts.

LymeStamp Sharing

Share your LymeStamps with your employers or coworkers whether its you or them who buys them.

Manage Users

You can manage your users and their permissions.

Manage Subscriptions

Attribute subscriptions independently, depending on your users' needs.

LymeStamp Spending

Limit the amount of LymeStamps your users spend per month and give them extra LymeStamps whenever needed.

User Logs

You can keep up with your team messages and see all their logs directly from your account.

Custom Email

Business messages get a personalized notification email with the company logo.

Message Signature

Business messages also get to have a personalized signature.


Be notified when users take certain actions or when their LymeStamps and subscriptions are ending.


Users can come and go at any time. Just unlink them from the account at any time.

Hidden Email

Your users can send messages in the name of your company without revealing their own email address.

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