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Say Goodbye
To Registered Postal Mail

  • Make your email messages legally binding
  • Certify the delivery and opening of your emails
  • Get legal proof of mailing
  • Track your email messages
  • Save time
  • Save money how much?

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We have long waited for a service like Lyme. At a time when the world is more and more digital, it no longer makes sense that pile of paper due to mail registries. Not to mention the low cost!
Sérgio Machado

Sá Machado

Since we got to know Lyme - Log Your Message, we no longer use registered postal mail. It meets all our needs in a simple and effective way.
Teresa Carvalho

Mredis, Lda

We were able to cut down substantially on the costs and duration of the process of hiring athletes, we have eliminated paper, we are more effective. To be able to focus on what matters most is priceless.
Reinaldo Ferreira

Boavista F. C.

Registered and Signed For

In a nutshell, Lyme can provide an exact log of all your email messages. Keep up with them and get legal proof that you sent them and that the recipient received and read them.

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Save Time, Money and Headaches

  • Available 24/7
  • Save up to 96% on registered mail
  • Keep track of your email messages
  • No Post Office hassles


Save Time, Money and Headaches


The only thing bad is you will wish you had heard of us before.
Average Domestic Price

up to 96% less

0,30 €
1,56 €
1,90 €
3,08 €
3,65 €
5,20 €
7,50 €
Features Lyme Postal Mail
Send registered messages.
15 free messages per year.
Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Send registered mail from your own home or office.
Immediate and scheduled delivery.
Hassle free. No queues, no trips to the post office.
Green! Saves paper and natural resources.
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